Samay Samachar is a news website that aims to provide accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive news coverage to its readers. This editorial policy outlines the principles that guide our reporting and content decisions.


Accuracy is our top priority. We strive to verify all information before publishing it, and we correct any errors that are brought to our attention. We also avoid speculation and conjecture, and we clearly identify opinion from fact.


We strive to be objective in our reporting. We avoid expressing personal opinions or beliefs, and we do not promote any particular point of view. We also avoid sensationalizing or editorializing the news.


We aim to provide our readers with a comprehensive understanding of the news. We provide context for events, and we explore the different perspectives on important issues. We also avoid using jargon or technical language that could be confusing to our readers.


We treat all people with respect, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. We avoid making discriminatory or offensive statements.


We are committed to transparency in our reporting. We clearly identify our sources, and we disclose any potential conflicts of interest. We also allow our readers to comment on our articles and share their feedback.

Specific Guidelines

In addition to the general principles outlined above, we adhere to the following specific guidelines in our reporting:

  • We attribute all information to a reliable source.
  • We avoid using anonymous sources, except in cases where it is necessary to protect the identity of a source or to report on a sensitive topic.
  • We avoid making claims of fact without providing evidence to support them.
  • We avoid using inflammatory or offensive language.
  • We avoid sensationalizing or exaggerating the news.


We believe that these principles are essential for providing our readers with high-quality news coverage. We are committed to upholding these principles in our reporting and content decisions.

Additional Notes

  • This editorial policy is subject to change at any time.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about our editorial policy, please contact us at [email protected]