Correction Policy

Samay Samachar is committed to reporting accurate and reliable news to our readers. We recognize that, despite our best efforts, errors may sometimes occur. Therefore, we have established this Correction Policy to address and rectify any factual inaccuracies in our published content.


This policy applies to all news articles, reports, videos, and other editorial content published on Samay Samachar’s website and social media platforms.

Types of Corrections:

Factual errors: This includes inaccurate information about people, places, events, dates, figures, or quotes.

Misleading statements: Content that is presented in a way that distorts or misrepresents the facts.

Grammatical errors: Typos, punctuation mistakes, and other grammatical errors that affect the clarity of the content.

Plagiarism: Uncredited use of another author’s work.

Bias: Content that demonstrably favors one side of an issue over another without providing appropriate context.

Correction Process:

When an error is identified, Samay Samachar will take the following steps

Identifying errors: Readers can report errors through email, social media, or a dedicated feedback form on our website. Our editorial team will review all reports and investigate the accuracy of the claims.

Severity of errors: Errors will be assessed based on their severity and potential impact. Minor grammatical errors may be corrected without a formal notice, while major factual errors or misleading statements will require a public correction.

Correction format: Corrections will be published on the same platform where the original error appeared. For online content, a correction notice will be appended to the original article with a clear explanation of the error and the corrected information.

Archive the correction notice: All correction notices will be archived on a dedicated page on our website for transparency.

Transparency and Accountability

Samay Samachar is committed to being transparent and accountable for its errors. We believe that correcting mistakes openly and honestly is essential to maintaining trust with our readers. We will regularly review this policy and update it as needed to reflect best practices in journalistic ethics and accuracy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy or wish to report an error, please contact us through the following channels:

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